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Cases Study

A closer look to some of our projects, highlighting the GlobEX capabilities of achieving success. 

Clinica Dr. Malave

MIAMI Vice City Shop

MIAMI Vice City "Shop, the Mobile shop of Vice City Shops. Always offering you our WoW pricing and the best of both worlds, Adults & Smoke, with a great variety of selected products from signature brands, for Pickup 30 min* EXPRESS Delivery directly to your door. All this available at the lowest price around.

Vice City Shops Network

Vice City Shops Network is a Florida-based company dedicated to providing a seamless and secure online shopping experience focused on preventing illegal sales to minors, they implement a rigorous 21 Age ID Verification process during navigation and checkout, commitment to legal compliance an, world sustainability and privacy user privacy protection, Vice City Shops Network aims to be the go-to online destination for hassle-free and responsible shopping.
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